Jonas Van Vossole

Jonas Van Vossole is PhD student at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University and at the Centro de Estudos Sociais at Coimbra University, Portugal. He has a master degree in Political Science and a master in Complementary Economics, both from the University of Ghent. These are complemented with a post-graduate degree in advanced studies of democracy in the XXI century at the University of Coimbra. Jonas' main research interest concerns the study of democracy, social movements, social protests and critical political science and political economy. His current PhD research focusses on the influence of the euro crisis on democratic legitimacy in Southern Europe, and Portugal in particular. This research focusses on the role of social conflict and hegemony in the conceptualizations of democracy in the political and academic debates. He is a member of the ECPR standing group of South European Politics. Jonas is currently doing fieldwork in Coimbra, at the Center of Social Studi


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