Kasper Ossenblok

Kasper is doctor in political sciences (Ghent University) and specializes in normative theories of distributive justice, liberty and equality. In his PhD dissertation, ‘Self-Ownership and World-Ownership: A Quest for Plausible Libertarianism’, he critically scrutinized libertarian theories of justice. The main question was whether libertarianism is justifiable in light of the many criticisms the theory has received in the literature. Kasper argues that a version of moderate left-libertarianism is a plausible candidate as a theory of justice. Nevertheless, the quest is unfinished and Kasper now engages in a closer comparison between left-libertarianism and liberal-egalitarianism. In the past, Kasper was a visiting PhD student at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) and the University of Warwick (Covenrty, UK). He also holds an MA in Legal and Political Theory from University College London (UK) and an MA in Political Sciences from Vrije University Brussels (Belgium).


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